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Cameras & Video Surveillance

We offer several camera options:

  • IP cameras that integrate with your alarm system are done through Honeywell's Total Connect or's cameras. This can be a less expensive option than a stand-alone camera system. The best feature is it allows your alarm system to have eyes in your home. An example is it enables your alarm system to send you a picture or video clip of who turned off the alarm or entered the gun vault (not the same as motion capture). You can also check in on your kids, elderly or special needs family members, babysitters or the family pet from your smartphone or PC. This option has a limitation of 6 cameras and there is a small monthly fee for the service. You can also view the cameras on the Honeywell L7000 alarm control screen or Tuxedo Touch keypad, which allows you to conveniently and quickly check your cameras.

  • Stand alone cameras are attached to a DVR is the most expensive option but this system records everything to the local Digital Video Recorder so you can review footage from days or weeks prior and you can access the cameras from your smartphone of PC. This option allows you to scale to as many cameras as you want (2, 4, 8, 16, 24, etc). The downside is the DVR is local to the premises. If there is vandalism or fire to the DVR, all your video can be lost. Setting up the remote access to the DVR can be complicated with the local firewall/router and dynamic IP's.

  • IP cloud based cameras is similar to a stand-alone camera system, but the system is less expensive because there is no DVR. The video is recorded over the Internet to the Cloud. You can access the Cloud from your smartphone of PC. However there is a monthly fee for the video storage and you need a good high speed Internet connection for more than a few cameras.

  • Motion capture cameras are alarm motion detectors with an integrated low resolution camera. They are not like your typical cameras. They capture low quality images and video only when your alarm system is triggered and send them to you and the monitoring station for alarm verification. You cannot connect to these remotely to check live video.

  • Video Intercom is a set of devices, one with a call button, camera and speaker and the other has a video screen with buttons, a microphone and a speaker that enables video and two-way communication with someone outside a secured area. The unit can also be setup to unlock a door. This is generally a self-contained system that does not need a network or smartphone to function.

  • SkyBell HD Video Doorbell is a replacement for your existing doorbell adding video and two-way communication. The SkyBell connects to your home/office network allowing you to speak to someone at your door over an Internet connection. When integrated with Honeywell's Total Connect Services you can use the SkyBell through the Total Connect app and unlock the door remotely from your smartphone.

We are experienced camera installers and can speak in depth about the differences and Pros & Cons of each of these options. Cameras can improve security and peace of mind and we believe that when combined with quality doors, quality locks and a quality alarm system equal the best security and peace of mind. Please call to schedule your free security assessment today.

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