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Locksmith Services

If your home has the original builder locks or if you purchased locks from the local hardware store, then you probably have the cheapest junk on the market. Why secure the single most expensive investment you own as well as all your possessions inside your home with locks that can barely hold the door shut? Furthermore the keys for those locks can be duplicated nearly anywhere by anyone. There are even automated machines at the supermarket that can make a copy of your keys. Unfortunately that means that anytime you allow someone to have access to your keys like an ex, a neighbor, a child, a car valet, etc. then they could have made a copy of your keys. You just don't know.

We offer affordable, higher quality, physically superior locks and patented/restricted keys that can't be duplicated by anyone other than us. You can't buy these locks/keys at the local hardware store. They have to be purchase from a professional locksmith like us. We have contracts with the supplier/manufacturer to make sure our keys stay restricted. Quality locks can last the lifetime of your home if properly maintained, so why settle for anything less?

We can install hardened steel strike plates with 3" wood screws on the door jam, which can significantly reduce the likelihood that your door is kicked in during a robbery or home invasion.

We also offer masterkeying services. Masterkeying allows you to control who has access to what lock/door. Our skilled locksmiths can work with you to develop the best key control for your needs.


  • If you have a yardman that needs access to your shed in the backyard, we can setup the locks so his key will only open the shed, but your key will open the house and the shed.

  • If you have a maid that needs access to the house, we can setup the locks so that her key will only open one door on the house and not the shed, but your key will open all the locks on the house and the shed.

  • If you have a teenager that needs access to the house when you're not home, we can setup the locks so that their key will only open one door on the perimeter of the house and their bedroom lock, but your key will open all the locks on the house. (We recommend only one door on the perimeter just in case they lose their key, that way there is only one lock that needs to be rekeyed so the lost key won't open the house anymore.)

  • If you want your house key to open your parent's house locks, we can setup the locks so that one key will only open your house, another key will only open your parent's house and a third masterkey will open both houses.

We offer Z-Wave® locks with our patented/restricted keys that allow you to maintain key control and lock/unlock your door from your smartphone or PC. When integrated with your alarm system you can lock/unlock doors automatically when arming/disarming your alarm system or program them to lock/unlock on a schedule.

We also offer the August Smart Lock, which mounts to your existing lock hardware and allows you to lock/unlock the door locally through Bluetooth on your smartphone. You can add the August Connect that allows you to lock/unlock from your smartphone or PC while away from your property. These devices can be the best balance for having high security locks and having the ability to use your smartphone or PC for remote services.

But wait there's more... We offer High Security locks that take your security credibility to a whole other level. These are the kinds of locks that the Government, Military and savvy discriminating locksmiths like us use to keep our possessions secure. Manufactures like Medeco and Assa Abloy are well known in the world of High Security locks. Their locks are manufactured to exacting tolerances. They have restricted keyways, manipulation resistance to bump and pick, hardened inserts and ball bearings to resist destructive forced entry like drills and a lot more. These locks are expensive, but they can last a lifetime if properly maintained.

We are experienced locksmiths that can speak in depth about the differences and Pros & Cons of each of these products. Locks are an integral part of your overall security. We believe that quality doors, quality locks and a quality alarm system equal the best security and peace of mind. Please call to schedule your free security assessment today.

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